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Terms and Conditions


1. Refunds Policy

(1.1) Introduction
We understand that from time to time meals booked and paid for using this website may not be taken due to the pupil's absence or it not being possible for a meal to be provided. We have created this refunds policy to enable you to receive refunds from us in appropriate circumstances.

This online book and pay for school meals service provides you with a convenient alternative to sending your child to school with cash or a cheque.  However for operational reasons this will mean that we are unable to provide immediate refunds in the event of your child missing a meal.  We do provide refunds for missed meals, which can be used for future meal bookings, but only at the end of each term.  If you are not willing to wait until the end of term to receive refunds for missed meals then this online book and pay system is not for you.

This returns policy applies all meals booked and paid for through this website irrespective of geographical location. This policy does not affect your statutory rights (such your rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000).

(1.2) Refunds
We will refund the value of meals booked and paid through this website where:

  • (1.2.1.a) The pupil is marked as absent in the school meals register at the start of the day.;
  • (1.2.1.b) It was not possible to provide a meal on the day that a meal was booked and paid for.;
  • (1.2.1.c) The school was closed on the day that a meal was booked and paid for.;

We will not refund the value of meals booked and paid through this website where:

  • (1.2.2.a) The pupil is marked as present in the school meals register at the start of the day but did not take the meal unless 1.2.1.b applies;

(1.3) Refunds procedure
The entries in the school meals register together with records of school closure or the non provision of meals will be used to count the number of meals to be credited for each pupil.  On the occasion of booking further meals for the pupil this number of meals to be credited will be deducted from the total number of meals purchased.

  • Credits will be counted and be available to be deducted from further bookings on a termly basis.
  • These credits will only be allocated to the child that missed the meals.
  • When booking meals the number of credits deducted may not greater than the number of meals booked.
  • It is important to note and understand that meals which have been booked, using this online system, but not taken due to the reasons given in (1.2) cannot be taken on any non online booked day.
  • After the end of term 6, the end of the school academic year, any unused credits will be carried forward until the start of the next school year except in the case of the pupil leaving the school in which case arrangements will be made to provide a monetory refund. Parents are asked to contact us when credits are to be refunded and not transferred to a younger sibling.

2. Cancellation Policy

It is not necessary for you to inform us of the need to cancel a booked school meal since if the meal is missed because of the reasons given in (1.2) then a credit for this meal will be automatically made according to the procedure in (1.3)

3. Delivery Policy

Once you have registered yourself as the parent / carer you will receive an email containing your username and password.  This information is important and will be necessary for you to continue with the system.
After booking and paying for your children's school meals you will receive an email confirming the transaction and including a unique order number.  If you wish to view the details of this or other transactions you can do so through the members area.
When your child attends school this will be recorded as normal in the dinner register and this will be our indication that a meal has been taken.

Please also see our Privacy Policy

4. Contact information 

Shire Management Services Ltd


38 Welford Road, Solihull, B90 3HX
West Midlands
Telephone: 07767 223601

Company Number - 02073170
Registered VAT Number - 487321626

For more information about our terms and conditions please contact us via email